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The Department of Aquaculture at Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri started functioning with effect from 14.11.2014 to perform teaching, research and extension activities in aquaculture. The department is equipped with Faculty and Facility to impart quality education, perform cutting edge research and provide efficient extension and advisory services to the fish farming community. The Department of Aquaculture has state-of-art aquaculture research farm and laboratory facilities at its functional research centers for freshwater and brackish water aquaculture. Three instructional farm centres are at present functioning viz. Advanced Research Farm Facility, Madhavaram, Brackishwater Research Farm Facility, OMR campus, and Pulicat Field Farm Facility, Pazhaverkadu. The PG and Ph.D. programmes in Aquaculture were initiated from the academic year 2016-17 with intake capacity of 4 Nos. of student/year.

Objectives of the Department:

  • Education: To offer courses UG degree (B.F.Sc) and PG degree programmes (M.F.Sc and Ph.D ) in Aquaculture through teaching and learning process to the students.
  • Research: Perform basic and strategic research to develop sustainable technologies for aquaculture development and to evolve suitable scientific, standardising and design and operation of Advanced Aquaculture Systems (AAS), eco-friendly and practices for the benefit of the aquafarmers.
  • Extension:Dissemination of developed technologies for the benefit of the aqua farming community through trainings, publications and on-field demonstrations.

Teaching – Courses offered in department of aquaculture:


SL.NO Course No Name of the Course Credit Hours
1 FS-101 Principles of Aquaculture 2 (1+1)
2 FS-110 Freshwater Aquaculture 3 (2+1)
3 FS-111 Aquaculture in Reservoirs 2(1+1)
4 FS-201 Ornamental Fish Production and Management 2(1+1)
5 FS-210 Coastal Aquaculture and Mariculture 3(2+1)
6 FS-301 Finfish Hatchery Management 3 (2+1)
7 FS-310 Shellfish Hatchery Management 2(1+1)


SL.NO Course No Name of the Course Credit Hours
1 AQC 501 Sustainable Aquaculture 2+1
2 AQC 502 Soil and Water Quality Management in Aquaculture 2+1
3 AQC 506 Seed production and hatchery management of shellfishes 1+1
4 AQC 503 Nutrition and Feed Technology 2+1
5 AQC 511 Larval Nutrition and Culture of Fish Food Organisms 2+1
6 AQC 509 Coastal aquaculture 2+1


SL.NO Course No Course Title Credit Hours
1 AQC 601 Advances in Aquaculture Production System 2+1
2 AQC 603 Aquaculture and Ecosystem Management 2+1
3 AQC 601 Advanced Statistical Methodss 2+1
4 AQC 605 Fish and Shellfish Physiology andEndocrinology 1+1
5 AQC 602 Advances in Seed Production and Hatchery Management 2+1
6 AQC 604 Aquatic Animal Health Management and Quarantine 1+1
7 AQC 606 Advances in Fish Genetics 2+1
8 AQC 607 Intensive Farming Systems for Tilapia and Catfishes 1+1

Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects:

SL.NO Title of the Project Year PI & Co- PI of the Project Funds(in Rs) Funding Agency
1 Establishment of Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park at Madhavaram 2015-18 Dr.S. Felix
TN State Innovation Fund Rs.10.30 Crores
2 Farmed pearl spot (Etroplus suratensis) production as an alternative livelihood to promote brackishwater aquaculture entrepreneurship for fishers of Pulicat lake 2016-18 Dr.S. Felix
Mr.TLS. Samuel Moses
NADP Rs.211 lakhs
3 Healthy Shrimp and ‘GIFT’ Tilapia Production Through Bio-Floc Based Farming System: Development of Technology and Standard Operating Procedure 2016-18 Dr.S. Felix
DBT, New Delhi Rs.57.93 Lakhs
4 Developing the National Aquatic Rainbow Mall (NAQRAM) to promote Incredible Indian Ornamental Fish Trade through One Stop Shopping at Madhavaram, Tamil Nadu 2017-18 Dr.S. Felix
NADP Rs.505.6 lakhs

Completed Research Projects:

SL.NO Title of the Project Year PI & Co- PI of the Project Funds(in Rs) Funding Agency
1 Part II Scheme on “Bio secured Microbial Flocculent driven farming for domesticating eco-friendly and viable culture practices for Vannamei and Milk fish. 2015 Dr.S. Felix
Govt. of TN Rs. 44.39 lakhs
2 Effect of supplementation of KemZYMETM Aqua on performance of Labeo rohita in HDPE lined ponds 2017 Dr.S. Felix M/s. Kemin Industries Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Rs.2.88 Lakhs
3 Influence of Carbohydrate Enriched Distillery Effluent (MF-SEED) as Carbon Source in Aerobic Microbial Floculant Technology 2017 Dr.S. Felix
M/s. Rajshree Biosoultions, Chennai Rs. 7.75 Lakhs

Outreach/Extension activities

SL.NO Name of the Extension activities/ Program Year Beneficiary
1 Skill Development Training on “Ornamental fish culture and breeding techniques” Ponneri
14.3.2016 to 13.4.20
2 Brackish water Fish Culture Technology Vaniyamchavadi
3 Pangas culture Ponneri
4 Ornamental Fish farming technologies Ponneri
28.6.2016 and 29.6.2016
5 Two days training programme on “GIFT tilapia farming technology” 17.8.2016 and 18.8.2016 6
6 Vannamei Shrimp farming technology 20.9.2016 to 22.9.2016 10
7 Conducted 3 days training programme on Ornamental fish culture 08.03.17 to 10.03.17 21
8 Vannamei Shrimp Farming 25.4.2017 to 27.4.2017 10
9 The Pearlspot breeding and its culture techniques 11.05.17 to 12.05.17 10
10 The Pearlspot breeding and its culture techniques 24.04.17 to 26.07.17 65
11 The Pearlspot breeding and its culture techniques 11.09.17 to 13.09.17 35
12 Water Quality for Aquaculture 24.10.2017 15


FC&RI, Ponneri:

  • UG Laboratory
  • Fish Nutrition Laboratory
  • Aquaculture Quality testing Laboratory

ARFF, Madhavaram:

  • Raceways
  • Lined ponds
  • Fisheries Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Hatchery for ornamental fishes
  • RAS System
  • Live feed Unit


  • Raceways
  • Lined ponds
  • Soil and water quality laboratory

PRFF, Pazhaverkadu:

  • Lined ponds
  • Soil and water quality laboratory
  • RAS System
  • Hatchery for pearl spot
  • HDPE cages


  • Breeding and seed production of 2 indigenous ornamental fishes
  • AMF Technology for nursery phase for vannamei and GIFT tilapia
  • Breeding and seed production of pearl spot in freshwater

Current Focus:

  • Live feed culture
  • Breeding and seed production of indigenous ornamental fishes
  • AMF Technology for nursery and grow out of GIFT Tilapia
  • Breeding and seed production of pearl spot


S.NO Name Designation E-mail Phone No
1 Dr.T.Chidambaram Associate Professor & Head
2 Mr.T.L.S.Samuel Moses Assistant Professor samuelmoses@tnfu.ac.in 9600751014
3 Mr.RajeshKannan Teaching Assistant rakkikanna@gmail.com 9629025106


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