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Department of Aquatic Environment Management


The Department of Fisheries Environment was established at Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) in 1977. The department was established with the aim of offering professional education on the aquatic environment, conducting pollution monitoring studies and extending fisheries knowledge to the farming and fishing communities. The major thrust areas of research focuses on pollution monitoring studies in Gulf of Mannar, bioremediation of effluents from aquaculture systems, seafood processing plants, development of soil probiotics in fish/shrimp culture systems, screening and monitoring of occurrence of harmful algal blooms and stranding of mammals in Gulf of Mannar, hydrobiology and biodiversity of inland and coastal waters of Tamil Nadu. Current research programmes in the department are in the fields of utilization of fish waste and drifted seaweeds as fertilizer for Agriculture, water quality management aspects in Penaeus vannamei culture systems and monitoring of pesticide residues in Thamirabharani river belts.

This department offers 7 UG, 12 PG and 10 Ph.D. courses and till date 51 PG students have graduated. The department has successfully developed 3 technologies viz., cost effective white worm (Enchytraeus albidus) production as live food for ornamental fish, vermi composting of seafood processing plant sludge, rapid composting of sea food waste using sugarcane bagasse and transferred to the farming community by conducting several training programmes. Since January 2017, this department has been renamed as Department of Aquatic Environment Management as per the ICAR nomenclature. The department has various lab facilities like UG laboratory, PG laboratory, Algal culture Unit, Environmental Microbiology laboratory and fish compost yard.

The department periodically receives samples from farmers of various districts of the state to understand the prospects of establishing a farm or learn problems in water quality and at times due to sudden mass mortality of cultured fishes/shrimps. The department provides advisory services to the fish, shrimp and ornamental farmers and entrepreneurs, related to soil and water management. The State Fisheries Department also approaches this department with local problems related to mass fish kills in public water bodies.


  • To offer B.F.Sc., M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. courses in fisheries environment and to give guidance for research to M.F.Sc. students.
  • To carry out research on hydrobiology and biodiversity of inland and coastal waters of Tamil Nadu.
  • To carry out research on monitoring and impact of pollution on the fishery resources of Gulf of Mannar.
  • To carry out research on water quality management in aquaculture systems.
  • To carry out research on waste water treatment and recycling of wastes.
  • To carry out extension works related to Fisheries Environment


Sl.No Course No Course Title Credit Load
1 FS-104 Meteorology, Climatology and Disaster Management 3 (2+1)
2 FS-105 Soil and Water Chemistry 3 (2+1)
3 FS-115 Limnology 3 (2+1)
4 FS-116 Marine Biology 3 (2+1)
5 FS-205 Aquatic Ecology and Biodiversity 3 (2+1)
6 FS-215 Fishery Oceanography 2 (1+1)
7 FS-216 Aquatic Pollution and Coastal Zone Management 3 (2+1)
Total 20 (13+7)
Sl.No Course No Course Title Credit Hours
1 AEM 501 Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity 2+1
2 AEM 502 Ecology and Management of Limnetic Environment 2+1
3 AEM 503 Planktonology 2+1
4 AEM 504 Aquatic Microbial Ecology 2+1
5 AEM 505 Fisheries Oceanography 1+1
6 AEM 506 Integrated Coastal Zone Management 2+1
7 AEM 507 Aquatic Pollution and Waste Water Management 2+1
8 AEM 508 Analytical Techniques in Environmental Sciences 1+1
9 AEM 509 Chemical Interactions in the Aquatic Environment 2+1
10 AEM 510 Environmental Toxicology 1+1
11 AEM 511 Environmental Biotechnology 1+1
12 PGS 504 Basic concepts in Laboratory Techniques 1+1
Sl.No Course No Course Title Credit Hours
1 AEM 601 Advances in Aquatic Environmental Studies 2+1
2 AEM 602 Biotechnology for Cleaner Environment 2+1
3 AEM 603 Benthic Ecology 1+1
4 AEM 604 Estuarine and Coastal Dynamics 2+1
5 AEM 605 Organic Production and Plant Pigments 2+1
6 AEM 606 Environment Impact Assessment 1+1
7 AEM 607 Management and Utilization of Waste Water 2+1
8 AEM 608 Restoration Ecology 1+1
9 AEM 609 Dispersal and Fate of Pollutants in the Ocean 1+1
Total 23(14+9)
10 PGS 604 Basic Concepts in Laboratory Techniques 0+1

Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects
Completed Research Projects: 7 nos.

Sl.No Title of the Project Year PI & Co-PI of the Project Funds (in Rs.) Funding Agency
1 Impact of Anthropogenic activities and seasonal variation in plankton biomass in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve (Sc. No. 14-103-02) 2014-17 PI
10.50 Lakhs GOMBRT, Ramanathapuram
2 Popularization of cost effective fish compost in Thoothukudi district of Tamilnadu. (Sc. No. 14-103-03) 2014-16 PI
Dr.P.Padmavathy Associate Professor
Dr.A.Srinivasan Chair, SFREM
Dr. S. Aanand Assistant Professor
11.10 Lakhs Part II Scheme State Fisheries
3 Impact of Large Scale Cultivation of Seaweed Culture in Coastal Environment of India (S.C.No. 20102) 2014-16 PI
27.12 Lakhs National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM), MoEF, Chennai
4 Development of environmental guidelines and operational protocol for sustainable development of cage culture in the reservoirs of Tamilnadu (Sc. No. 14-103-01) 2014-15 Project Supervisor
Dr. G. Sugumar Dean, FC & RI
Dr. P. Padmavathy, Associate Professor
Dr. A. Srinivasan Chair, SFREM
Dr. S. Aanand Assistant Professor
12 Lakhs IAMWARM
5 Utilization of fish solid waste for biogas production for indigenous application(S.C.No.30015) 2013-15 PI
Dr.P.Padmavathy Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
2.20 Lakhs TANUVAS Research Corpus Fund
6 Assessing the efficiency of aquatic plants and microalgae for reducing water hardness for the culture of ornamental fishes in coastal regions of Thoothukudi (S.C.No. 30027) 2013-15 PI
Ms.D.Manimekalai, Assistant Professor
Dr.A.Srinivasan Chair, SFREM
2.30 Lakhs TANUVAS Research Corpus Fund
7 Environmental factors influencing spatio- temporal variations of fin and shellfish eggs and larvae in Gulf of Mannar 2010 2010-12 PI
10.50 lakhs GOMBRT, Ramanathapuram

Outreach/Extension activities

Sl.No Name of the Extension Activities / Program Year No. of Trainings Beneficiary
1 NFDB Training on “Field level water quality issues and their management in aquaculture systems” 2014-15 3 90 nos., Fish farmers, farm technicians, shrimp farmers and ornamental fish farmers
2 Training of Fish Composting 2015-16 4 100 nos., Fish farmers, farm technicians, shrimp farmers and ornamental fish farmers
3 Water Quality management in Aquaculture Systems and World Soil Health Day Celebration 2016-17 2 32 nos., Fish farmers, farm technicians, shrimp farmers and ornamental fish farmers


Central Instrumentation Lab

A Central Instrumentation Lab was established during March 2015, as a separate \ scheme under the Department of Aquatic Environment Management, for common benefit of PG and Ph.D students, to pursue their research work.

  • The facility was primarily established with the following objectives.
  • To create a common research facility for UG and PG students and also for staff research.
  • To pool up research infrastructure so as to strengthen research capability to maximize research output.
  • To facilitate inter-departmental research programmes, and avoid duplication of research establishment in different departments.
  • To maintain all instruments in proper working condition, for better utilization.
  • This facility provides easy access to all staff and students to carry out their research work unhindered.

Central Instrumentation Lab

Sl.No Name of the Equipment Year of Purchase Company / Make
1 Total Nitrogen Analyzer 2006 Pelican Equipment, Chennai
2 UV-Spectrophotometer 2006 Perkin Elmer, Singapore
3 Inverted Microscope 2007 Nikon
4 Fermentor 2007 Infors AG, Switzerland
5 Thermal Cycler 2015 Eppendoff
6 Horizontal and Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Unit 2015 BIotech
7 Gel Documentation System 2017 Lark Innovative
8 Cooling Centrifuge 2015 Remi Instruments
9 Deep Freezer 2014 Celfrost
10 Weighing Balance 2014 Sartorius
11 Flame Photometer 2015 Esico
12 Portable UV Spectrometer 2016 Hach Systems, USA
13 COD Analyser 2016 Hach Systems, USA
14 BOD Analyser 2016 Hach Systems, USA
15 Portable DO Meter 2016 Labman
16 EC, TDS Analyser 2016 Labman
17 Redox Meter 2016 Labman
18 Bomb Calorimeter 2016 Rajdhani


This department has produced 51 postgraduate students and operated 12 projects funded by various States and central government funding agencies such as DBT, TNEB, GOMBRT, TANUVAS Corpus Fund and World Bank Fund with the budget outlay of Rs. 121 lakhs. The department also released 3 technologies for the benefit of farmers and fisher folks. The faculty of this department has published 195 research articles, 133 popular articles, 12 books, 18 manuals and 8 pamphlets. The department conducted 4 national seminars, one ICAR short course, 3 awareness programme, 14 farmers training programme, 9 national training programme for the scientists, teaching assistant, farmers and technicians. The department also monitors water quality during sudden algal blooms, whale stranding and also mass fish kills in local water bodies along the Thoothukudi coast.

Current Focus

  • Pollution monitoring in Gulf of Mannar coastal region
  • Monitoring of pesticide residues in Thamirabharani river belts
  • Utilization of fish waste and drifted seaweeds as fertilizer for Agriculture
  • Water quality management aspects in Penaeus vannamei culture systems and
  • Toxicity studies on fishes in the inland water bodies
  • Impact of climate change in fisheries


Name Designation E-mail Mobile No
Dr.P.Padmavathy Associate Professor & Head padmavathy@tnjfu.ac.in 9994981493
D. Manimekalai Assistant Professor manimekalai@tnjfu.ac.in 9597519518


List of Research Papers Published from 2012 Onwards

  • Deepika, S. A. Srinivasan, P. Padmavathy and P. Jawahar, 2018. Seasonal variation of phytoplankton diversity in seagrass ecosystem of Mandapam coast of Gulf of Mannar. J.Expt.Zoo.Ind., 21(1): 499 - 506.
  • Lidya Wilwet, Geevaretnam Jeyasekaran, Robinson Jeya Shakila, Balasubramanian Sivaraman and Pandurengan Padmavathy, 2018. A single enzyme PCR-RFLP protocoltargetting 16 S rRNA/ tRNA region toauthenicate fourcommercially important shrimp species in India. Food Chemistry 369-376.
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