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Department of Fish Processing Technology


The Department of Fish Processing Technology came in to existence from the erstwhile Department of Fishery Technology, a founding member department of Fisheries College and Research Institute since its existence from 1977. The plan scheme was sanctioned during the year 1988 vide Proc.No.R2/BM/74 IV 35/88 dated 13.11.1988 of the Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore. The department is shifted from shore laboratory campus to FCRI main campus to a newly constructed building with an area of 4615square feet during the year 2015. This department has been offering fish processing technology courses for B.F.Sc., M.F.Sc., and Ph.D., degree programmes. The M.F.Sc degree programme in Fish Processing Technology was started in the year 1983 and produced 55 M.F.Sc dissertations addressing various problems of seafood industry and on the latest areas of research in fish processing until 2015. At present four students are carrying out their research working Ph.D. in the Department.


  • To offer courses relating to Fish Processing Technology for B.F.Sc., M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes
  • To undertake research projects / schemes in fish processing technology for the benefit of stake holders such as seafood processing plants and other entrepreneurs
  • To organize training programmes in fisheries trade particularly in fish processing for the women self help groups, fisherfolk, entrepreneurs and others to generate employment opportunities


The following course have been offered by this department for B.F.Sc., M.F.Sc., and Ph.D. degree programme

Research Projects

Sl.No Funding Agency Title Period Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) PI & Co- PI of the Project



Establishment of Marine Products business incubation forum

2018 - 2021


Th. P. Ganesan



Creating a Platform “Kayalagam” –The Future Store for Amplification of Marketing of Diversified Fish Products in Tamil Nadu

2018 - 2020


Th. F. Parthiban

Completed Projects since the formation of TNFU (2012)

Research (R&D) Projects

Sl.No Funding Agency Title Period Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) PI & Co- PI of the Project
1 DRWA (ICAR) Capacity building of coastal fisherwomen through post harvest technologies in fisheries 2009 – 2012 13.36 Dr. G. Sugumar
2 NADP Export oriented marine value chain for farmed seafood production using Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) through rural entrepreneurship 2009 - 2012 100.00 Dr. R. Jeya Shakila
3 DBT Collagen and Gelatin films from Fish Processing Wastes and their Functional Properties 2009 - 2012 36.62 Dr. R. Jeya Shakila
4 DBT Messenger RNA based assay for RT – PCR detection of viable Salmonella and Vibrio cholera from fresh and processed finfish and shellfish 2011 – 2013 19.44 Dr. G. Jeyasekaran
5 NADP Establishment of “Seafood Knowledge Highway to improve health, combat malnutrition and enhance income of fishers 2012 – 2013 199.57 Dr. S.A. Shanmugam
6 TANUVAS Remedial measures for improvement of colour, texture and water holding capacity in frozen cephalopods for export 2013 - 2014 2.40 Th.M. Muruganantham
Govt. of TN
Sustainable Exploitation of Fisheries resource through Co-Management in Kombudurai Fishing village 2016 4.98 Dr. G.Sugumar
Dept. of Envt, TN
Socio-economic vulnerability of fishermen and other coastal communities in Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu 2017 5.82 Dr. G.Sugumar

Training Based Projects

Sl.No Funding Agency Title Period Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) PI & Co- PI of the Project
1 NADP Development of Vocational Training Centre Towards Improving the Livelihood of Fisher- folk” 2011 - 2012 142.00 Dr. G. Sugumar & Dr. D. Sukumar
2 DST Empowerment of Inland Fish Farmers in value addition 2012 - 2013 8.46 Dr. P.Velayutham
3 NFDB 'Mass Awareness Progammes on Hygienic Handling for Fish Handlers in Tamil Nadu' 2015 - 2016 1.95 Th. M. Muruganantham
4 NFDB Awareness Progammes on Hygienic maintenance of Fishing harbors and Landing Centres 2015 - 2016 2.40 Dr. P.Velayutham
5 FIMSUL- II Hygienic Handling and Management Practices of Fishing Harbour and Landing Centre 2016 - 2017 10.32 Dr.G. Sugumar

University Research Projects

Sl.No Funding Agency Title Period Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) PI & Co- PI of the Project
1 TNJFU Development of halophyte incorporated fish products using Salicornia brachiata (Roxb) 2017 - 2018 0.35 Th.M. Muruganantham
2 TNJFU- JTRF Development of biodegradable films from marine polysaccharide 2017 - 2018 2.00 Th. F. Parthiban

Postgraduate Research since 2012

M.F.Sc. Thesis Completed

Sl.No Year Research topic Chairman / Student
1 2012 Development of multiplex pcr assay for the detection of pathogenic strains of aeromonas spp. From fish and fishery products Dr. Jeyasekaran. G
Inam Akhtar Hussain
2 2012 Effect of household processing on health benefits of selected freshwater fish Dr. Sukumar. D
Herbert Jesu Peter. P
3 2012 Thermal process evaluation of fish curry with restructured products prepared from minced meat of leather jacket (triacanthus brevirosterus) in retort pouches Dr. Jeyashakila. R
Hema. K
4 2013 Development of PCR-RFLP method for identification of fish products from different species of sardines Dr. Jeyasekaran. G
Rehana Raj
5 2013 Antimicrobial activity of bio peptides extracted from fish protein hydrolysate Dr. Shanmugam. S.A
Vinoth Kumar. L
6 2013 Assessment of total mercury content in commercially important finfish and shellfish of the gulf of mannar coast Dr. Velayutham. P
Prabhakaran. P
7 2014 Survival of aeromonas spp in fish mince and fillets from marine and freshwater fishes under different storage condition Dr. Velayutham. P;
Rajesh. G
8 2014 Studies on overall improvement of quality and acceptability of frozen squid for export Dr. Sukumar. D
Vikas Kumar. L
9 2014 Changes in amino acid composition in pasteurized blue swimming crab (portunus pelagicus) during chilled storage Dr. Shanmugam. S.A
Innocen. A
10 2014 Development of a novel fishery product, ‘Fish Paneer’ from low value freshwater fish Dr. Sukumar. D
Sarojini. A
11 2015 Isolation of omega 3 fatty acid producing bacteria from marine samples Dr. Sukumar. D
Krishna veni. N
12 2016 Effect of cooking methods on the quality of fish cutlets from labeo rohita Dr. Velayutham. P
Siyyari Santhi Sumanjali
13 2016 Preparation of fish protein powder from low value freshwater fish Dr. Sukumar. D
Meenachi. B
14 2016 Antioxidant and antibacterial properties of cuttlefish ink collected from selected cuttlefish landed at thoothukudi coast Dr. Velayutham. P
Brita Nicy. A
15 2017 A study on the functional interaction during the formulation of shelf stable seafood crackers Jeya shakila. J
Reshma Ramesh
16 2017 Development of dry artificial fish bait for fish traps using fish processing and poultry wastes Dr. Neethiselvan. N
Masilan. K
17 2017 Harnessing tropical brown seaweed to derive nutritional and functional seaweed based product S. Balasundari
18 2019 Formulation of surimi based battered and breaded products from low value fishes and examination of their storage stability in chilled storage condition Dr. P. Velayutham
Drishya Antony
19 2019 Antioxidant effects of different fruit peel extracts on sardine fish under chilled condition Dr.P. Velayutham
Priyanka Dhruw

Ph.D. Thesis Completed

Sl.No Year Research topic Chairman / Student
1 2019 Development of shelf stable imitated shrimp product from saurida tumbil (lizard fish) Dr. P. Velayutham,
Miss. Hema. K
2 2018 Bioactive properties of collagen peptides derived from fish skin using enzymes of marine origin Dr. R. Jeya shakila
Vinoth Kumar. L
3 2018 Studies on nutritional, structural, functional and stability characteristics of bakery products formulated with surimi powder Dr. Velayutham. P
Brita Nicy. A
4 2019 Formulation of seafood based snacks products and examination of their bioactive functional properties and storage stability Rathnakumar. K
Ganesan. P

Outreach/Extension activities

This department is involved in outreach and extension activities through on and off campus training of various durations for the benefit of fisher folk, entrepreneur, school drop outs, rural women and self-help group members. They include awareness programmes on hygienic handling of fish and fishery products on board, on shore, in preprocessing factories, processing factories, fish in human nutrition, fish as health food and training cum demonstrations on processing of fish and fishery products, by products preparation, retort pouch processing, value added fish products preparation etc. A total number of 380 such programmes were organized for the benefit of 13,333 persons until December 2011. Trainings offered at this department from 2012 is given below:

Sl.No Name of the Extension Activities / Program Year Beneficiary
1 Training Programmes on Value added Fishery Product Production 2012-13 150
2 Awareness Programmes on Hygienic handling of fish for Fish Processing workers and Fish handlers 2012-13 850
3 Awareness programme on “Hygienic maintenance of Fishing Harbour, landing center” 2014-15 750
4 Mass awareness programme on “Hygienic handling of fish” 2014-15 600
5 FIMSUL-II “Hygienic handling and maintenance of fishing harbour and landing centre” 2016-17 2100
6 Importance and present status of dried fish in human nutrition 2016-17 22
7 Hygienic production of dried fish 2016-17 22
8 Types of dried fish production 2016-17 25
9 Packaging of dried fish production 2016-17 25
10 Demonstration – varieties of dried fish production 2016-17 25
11 Processing of Yellowfin tuna for shashimi grade, Training on Mechanized boat owner on at Tharavaikulam 2017-18 78
12 Hygienic production of dry fishes and its packaging 2017-18 27
13 Preparation and packaging of different types of value added fish and shellfish products 2017-18 23
14 “Recent packaging techniques in fish and fishery products” 2017-18 19
15 Value added fish and fishery products to the students - Vivekananda College of Arts and Science 2017-18 55
16 Fishery value added and By-products - Lady Doak College of Arts and Science 2017-18 18
17 Entrepreneur Skill Development in Fish Processing Sector 2018-19 11
18 Sprouting of entrepreneurship skill in marine products 2019-20 25
19 Entrepreneurship in value added fish and fishery products 2019-20 56
20 Fish Bakery Products 2019-20 15
21 Preparation and marketing of value added fish and fishery products 2019-20 30
1 Puthaga Thiruvizha, Thoothukudi 2017-18 General public
2 Discover the fish and fishery product to collectorate office on MGR Nutrandu vizha, Thoothukudi 2017-18 General public
3 Exhibition of TNFU Value added Fishery Products - “World Food India – 2017”, New Delhi 2017-18 General public
4 Exhibition of Aquatic resources and blue economic, KUFOS, Cochin 2019-20 General public


Fish processing technology department is well equipped with facilities for conducting Preprocessing, Chilling, Vacuum packaging, Drying, Smoking, Salting, Freezing, Canning, Retort pouch processing, Pasta making, Extrusion processing, Product development, By-product preparation and packing of fish and fishery products. There are well equipped Biochemistry, Microbiology, Product development and fish processing laboratories attached to the department. Further, new facilities have been created under NADP project named, “Kayalagam” and EDII project on Establishment of Marine Products business incubation forum.


  • 63 M.F.Sc and 4 Ph.D graduates have been produced who are now leaders in the field of fish processing technology as technocrats and scientists.
  • More than 200 peer reviewed research papers have been published in leading national and international journals.
  • More than 15 new products and three Technologies have been standardized and commercialized by transferring the technology to self-help group members and entrepreneurs.

Current Focus

Current focus of the department is towards developing new products suitable for commercialization, exploring nutraceuticals from marine sources, addressing the quality issues faced by the industry and to identify and technological intervention on localized ethnic fish products with potential benefits to suit to global markets.


Name Designation E-mail Mobile No
Dr.D.Sukumar Professor sukumar@tnfu.ac.in 94438 44820
Mr. M. Muruganantham Assistant Professor muruganantham@tnfu.ac.in 94426 40958
Mr. F. Parthiban Assistant Professor parthiban@tnfu.ac.in 77087 62554


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