"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"


Pulicat Research Field Facility (PRFF), Palaverkaadu is involved in various extension/ research activities focusing on creating new employment opportunities for fisher folk in and around Pulicat lake. Extension activities designed in such a way that it can be easily adopted by the fishing community. Pulicat Lake once possessed rich species diversity is now facing tremendous pressure due to over fishing and pollution from nearby industrial sectors. Hence alternative livelihood sources have to be delivered for maintaining the living standard of fishing community. Pearl spot Etroplus suratensis is a candidate species and represents the pulicat ecosystem. Technology to adopt culture and mass production of this species was identified as an ideal innovative moment for the fisherfolk and hence various objectives were designed and implemented.

To fulfil these objectives, TNJFU in collaboration with NADP have organized and conducted training programs for 125 fisherfolk. The training program was a package including knowledge dessimination by resource person from fisheries sector, a manual for the farmers and certificates. The farmers were trained in various disciplines involved in pearlspot culture such as site selection, soil and water quality management, pond preparation, feed preparation and management, broodstock management, induced breeding, larval rearing, harvesting techniques etc.

Training program by TNJFU in collaboration with NFDB on mud crab fattening was organized to improve the standard of living of fisherfollk in and around pulicat lake by adopting mudcrab fattening. A low cost technology was designed and transferred to the fishing community on mud crab fattening this involved mud crab fattening using low cost materials in the form of cages using bamboos, PVC pipes etc. These two training programs have been adopted by few fishermen.

Sl.No Name of the Extension Activities/ Program Year No. of beneficiaries
1 Pearl Spot Breeding and Culture Practices 2017 125
2 Crab Fattening 2018 50
3 Pearl Spot Breeding, Seed Production and Culture Practices 2018 50