"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"


Research Projects

The Pearl spot, “Etroplus suratensis” commonly known as “Karimeen” is an indigenous fish, extensively found along the east and south-west coasts of Peninsular India and is abundantly distributed in the Pulicat lake regions. It is an important candidate species for aquaculture in ponds and cages, in both brackish water and freshwater. These fishes are highly adapted to captive farming due to its ability to feed on a variety of natural foods and a suitable candidate species for high-density cage culture.

Pulicat lake, the second largest brackish water lake in the country present in the state is an advantage in this region. A concerted attempt is required in this direction for tapping the enormous potential available in Tamil Nadu state for brackish water fish production, particularly at the Pulicat lake region. This will enable promotion of alternative livelihood opportunities for eight fishing villages. To cater the above challenges, the project will help in standardizing the breeding techniques for mass production of fish by evolving innovative culture systems such as RAS, Raceways, lined ponds, cages, etc

  • To develop brood bank for brackishwater fish (viz. Pearl spot) under biosecured condition.
  • To standardize breeding protocol for the high value brackishwater fish through substratum manipulation and hormone based preparation.
  • To develop / domesticate BMPs for innovative / intensive farming for the brackishwater fish using raceways, recirculation system with aerobic microbial flocculent (AMF) / green water technology and cage farming systems.
  • To disseminate the breeding and farming technologies to fisher folk (approximately 165 such lake - based fisher folk) through training programmes.

Ongoing Projects

Sl.No Title of the Project Year PI & Co-PI of the Project Funds (Rs. In Lakhs) Funding Agency
1 Farmed pearl spot (Etroplus suratensis) production as an alternative livelihood to promote brackish water aquaculture entrepreneurship for fishers of Pulicat lake 2016 - 2018 Dr. S. Felix., Ph.D.Vice chancellor TNJFU, Nagapattinam Rs. 211.00 lakhs NADP

Completed Projects