"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Activities in the Centres at a Glance

Thanjavur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Harvested Tilapia
  • Off-campus Training
  • Cage Farming was Visited by NABARD Officials
  • Loach Research in the Centre
  • Training Programme in the Centre
  • Training Class by the Director
  • Cage Farming in TCeSA
  • Student's Research in TCeSA

Mandapam Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Marine Finfish Hatchery
  • Distribution of Seeds to the Farmers
  • Cage Farming in Ramanathapuram Coast
  • Clown Fish Bred in the Centre
  • Water Quality Lab in the Centre
  • Cage Farmers Meeting in the Centre
  • Experiential Learning by Students
  • HDPE Cage Distributed to the Fishfolk

Kanyakumari Ganapathipuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Shrimp Seed Rearing Facility
  • Centre Facilities
  • Fish Farmers' Day Meet in the Centre
  • Dr Shaun Moss at the Centre
  • Water Quality Lab in the Centre
  • Student's Research with Shrimp Brooders
  • Value Added Prodcuts Training to the Fisherwomen
  • Broodstock Holding in the Centre

Kanyakumari Parakkai Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Centre Main Building
  • Loach Farming Demo Pond
  • Fish Rearing Facility in the Centre
  • Training to the Local College Students
  • Fish Farmers'Day in the Centre
  • Student's Visit to the Centre
  • Value Added Prodcuts Training to the Self-help Group
  • Livefeed Culture Model Developed

Krishnagiri Barur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Aerial View of the Centre
  • Tilapia Rearing Pond
  • Tilapia Seeds Reared in the Centre
  • Farmers Meeting in the Centre
  • Fish Farmers Training in the Centre
  • Brooders Maintained in the Centre
  • Hatchery in Operation
  • Egg Collection from the Brooder

Erode Bhavanisagar Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Main Building in the Centre
  • Farm in the Centre
  • Brooder Collection and Examination
  • Demonstration to Students under ELP
  • Training in the Centre
  • Trainees in the Centre
  • Students' Hands-on Training
  • Training in the Centre

Trichy Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture

  • Centre Building under Construction
  • Training at Trichy BHEL
  • Ornamental Fish Farming Training at Trichy