"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Schemes in the Centres

The Centres as well as the Directorate have submitted proposals right from its inception and got funding support from the Government. The schemes (both Research and Infrastructure projects) have been implemented in the Centres, through which the students, entrepreneurs, youth and other stakeholders have greatly benefitted. This Directorate is the Nodal Agency for the TN Irrigated Agriculture Modernization Project for the University and participating in the programme with specific projects from 2017 to 2023. Similarly Mandapam Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture located in Ramanathapuram Dt has been entrusted with the implementation of open sea cage farming funded by NFDB, Hyderabad.

The details of the Schemes that were operated and presently in operation in the Centers under this Directorate are given below:

Schemes Implemented and Under Implementation in the Centres

C.No Centre Sl No Schemes Funded by Budget Period
1 DSA 1 NADP scheme on strengthening of Regional stations of CeSA,TNJFU NADP Funded ₹ 274.545 lakhs 2016-17
2 NADP scheme on Demonstration and Training for farmers capacity building at regional outstations of CeSA,TNJFU NADP Funded ₹ 100.545 lakhs 2017-18
3 NABARD Scheme on Establishment of Freshwater Ornamental Fish tsrood Bank for Sustainable Aquafarming in District NABARD Funded ₹ 350.00 lakhs 2018-19 To 2020-21
4 TN IAMP Projects (6 components) World Bank Funded ₹ 250 lakhs 2017-23
5 Upgrading Sustainable Aquaculture Production Centres of TNFU for operation through Private -Public Paftnership for Integrated Agricultu re Development NADP Funded ₹ 378.0 lakhs 2019-20
6 Tilapia entrepreneurial park development for industrialization of tilapia culture in Paalar Porandhalar Dam (Dindugul Dt) Govt of TN under TANII ₹ 344.50 lakhs 2019 -20
2 TCeSA 7 Aqua One Centre at Thanjavur CeSA NFDB Funded ₹ 20.0 lakhs 2019-20
8 Establishment of Aquaculture Service Centre in Cauvery Delta Region - TCeSA NADP Funded ₹ 130 lakhs 2019-20
3 MCeSA 9 Estabtishment of Marine Finfish Hatchery System, Mandapam, Ramnad Dt. NADP Funded ₹ 184.5 lakhs 2014-15
10 Aqua One Centre at MCeSA NFDB Funded ₹ 10.0 lakhs 2018-19
11 Open Sea Cage Culture of fin fishes along the coast of Ramanathapuram District in Tamil Nadu NFDB Funded ₹ 267.585 lakhs 2018-19
12 Development and Transfer of Seaweed Farming Technology as an Alternative Employment Option for the Coastal Fisher folk in Mandapam Region of Tamil Nadu- MCeSA NADP Funded ₹ 251.1 lakhs 2019-20
4 KKGCeSA 13 Establishment of Shrimp Brood Bank in Kanyakumari Dist NADP Funded ₹ 198.91 lakhs 2014-15
5 KKPCeSA 14 Aqua One Centre at KK Parakkai CeSA. NFDB Funded ₹ 20.0 lakhs 2019-20
6 Trichy CeSA 15 Establishment of freshwater ornamental fish brood bank in Trichy NABARD Funded ₹ 350.0 lakhs 2018-19
7 KBCeSA 16 Establishment of Regional Fisheries Research And Extention Centre-Barur NADP Funded ₹ 121.04 lakhs 2014-15
17 "To adopt foldscope as tool to study the diversity of fish parasites and microalgae in different aquaculture systems DBT Funded ₹ 6.0 lakhs 2018-19
18 "Livelihood improvement through technology backed backyard genetically improved farmed tilapia SBGF Funded ₹ 15.67 lakhs 2017-18
8 EBCeSA 19 Establishment of Multiplier Station For The Breeding and Dissemination of Jayanthi Rohu Seeds to Farmers at Bhavanisagar NADP Funded ₹ 100.0 lakhs 2014-15
20 Aqua One Centre at Erode Bhavanisagar CeSA. NFDB Funded ₹ 20.0 lakhs 2019-20
21 Establishment of Aqua-Agri integrated systems for inland farmers in Erode district NADP Funded ₹ 138.5 lakhs 2019-20

Aquaculture produces from the Centres

All the Centres in the DSA are basically aquaculture production Centres in which research and extension are twined up. Production of following seeds and fishes and taken up continuously

Sl.No Centre Type of Aquaculture Produces
1 TCeSA Grown and cultured fishes like Carps, Catfishes, and hybrid tilapia from the freshwater tank and cage.
2 MCeSA Reared seeds of Silver Pampano, Seabass and Cobia. Adult fishes grown in the eafthen pond like Milk fish and Cobia.
Live feeds like Nanochloropsis QnC Zpoplankton culture
3 KKPCeSA Ornamental fishes, Carps, Loaches, live feeds like infusoria and chlorella
4 KKGCeSA Shrimp seeds - PL of Penasus vannamei
5 KBCeSA Tilapia seeds and adult tilapia grown in the ponds
6 EBCeSA All Carp seeds, Gold and Koi carp seeds and brooders, algal culture and aquatic macrophytes

Sale of seeds, adult fishes and other miscellaneous products like farm produces. manuals and books is being done regularly. Shrimp hatchery and fish hatchery operators can access the Centres for their needs in live feed, adult fishes, fry and technical advices,