"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Scope of the Directorate:

This Directorate has 7 (Seven) Stations under its fold with specific mandates:

Thanjavur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (TCeSA), Soorakkotai, Thanjavur

To focus on inland aquaculture and innovative aquaculture practices. Demonstration and transfer of technology along with services to the farming community.

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Mandapam Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (MCeSA), Seeniappa Dargha, Mandapam

To focus on marine finfish culture and breeding

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Kanyakumari Ganapathipuram Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KKGCeSA), Ayiramkal Pozhimugam, Kanyakumari Dt

To focus on marine crustacean seed production, research and development of indigenous shrimps for future shrimp farming and SPF broodstock development.

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Krishnagiri Barur Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KBCeSA), Barur Krishnagiri Dt

To focus on tilapia farming and propagation of pure line seeds.

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Erode Bhavanisagar Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (EBCeSA), Bhavanisagar

To focus on commercially important freshwater fishes and their farm production in addition to seed production of endemic fishes. Research on the native species for their seed production, population enhancement and adoption of technology.

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Kanyakumari Prakkai Cenbtre for Sustainable Aquaculture (KKPCeSA), Parakkai, Kanyakumari Dt

To focus on the high value inland fishes such as Loaches and production of endemic ornamental fish varieties.

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Trichy Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (Trichy CeSA), Jeeyepuram,Trichy

To work on the development of technologies to enhance farm pond aquaculture production and operating the Brood bank for freshwater ornamental fishes (NABARD Funded Scheme).

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The above Stations have been provided with technical manpower at the level of Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. Through different Schemes, these Centres have been strengthened with production and research facilities along with students and learning faculties. Presently trainings and awareness programmes have been conducted in the Centres in addition to the students'experiential learning and research.