"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Service to the Stakeholders

All the Centres are managed and monitored by one faculty staff, who has enough expertise in the operation and maintenance of the hatchery and farm. Besides the core work of production, the faculty staff in the Centres do services to the stakeholders. Dissemination of technology through training, publications, release of technical bulletins, etc are regular works in the Centres. In addition to the above, the Centres facilities are oftered to the trainees as incubation facilities in which three trained entrepreneurs have tried their enterprises in 2018-19. Through PPPmode of operation, one shrimp hatchery has been successfully operated in Kanyakumari Ganapathipuram CeSA, through which a good share of revenue is being earned for the University. Trainings have bee continuously offerend as in-campus and off-campus for different sections of farmers. During the past one year, the details of trainings done in the Centres are given below:

Trainings and Beneficiaries in the Centres of DSA

Sl.No Centre Trainings done (Nos) (2019-20) Beneficiaries Other services
Male Female Total
1 TCeSA 5 154 9 163 Phone Advisory - 694 DD programmes-21 Water sample analysed - 53
2 MCeSA 4 72 16 88 Advisories - 22, Field visit - 6, Technical assistance to cage farmers - 60, Growth sampling of farmers cages /ponds - 3, Analysis of water samples -17
3 KKGCeSA 4 77 45 122 -
4 KKPCeSA 12 155 111 266 145 Nos of person (Farm advisory is done through by over telephone, visitors)
5 Trichy CeSA - - - - Phone advisory - 3
6 KBCeSA 5 187 53 240 Phone advisory - 168, Water sample analysed- 25
7 EBCeSA 3 41 01 42 Visiting farmers & water quality analysis -496
Total 33 686 226 912

The Centres located at different strategic positions play a crucial role in the teaching, research, extension and service to the farmers and stakeholders. The following are the general works that have been attended to in the Centres by the staff placed in the Centres:

Common & Special Duties Peformed by the Staff in DSA

  1. Maintenance of live animals & breeding works (in all Centres except Trichy CeSA)
  2. Procurement of adults and Strengthening the brooders
  3. Regular production of seeds by rearing or breeding
  4. Supply of seeds to the farmers approaching the Centre
  5. Maintenance of laboratories in the Centre
  6. Extending laboratory services to the farmer who approach the Centre
  7. Visiting the farmers sites and guiding their technically
  8. Arranging training programmes and delivering lecturer
  9. Regularly preparing technical and research publication & Submitting to Journals & Magazines
  10. Attending meetings at Department of Fisheries, Collectorate, and other Institutes representing the University
  11. Extending technical services to other line departments whenever asked for
  12. Guiding students working in the Centre and Farm
  13. Arranging for farmers meeting and dissemination of the technology.
  14. Linking different experts and outsourcing the materials for the farmers
  15. Conducting demonstration and encouraging the farmers through incubation facilities in the Centres
  16. Conducting off-campus training In collaboration with Dept of Fisheries, other colleges, other agencies like Agri Dept and NGOs.
  17. Attending other works assigned by the University.