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The Dr.MGR Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri is one of the constituent colleges of Tamil Nadu Dr. J.Jayalalithaa Fisheries University. It was started during the year 2013. It is situated close to the city and is growing at a rapid speed on the outskirts of our Metro City, Chennai. Well connected by Rail and Road and the College Campus is beside the railway station. The Library of this Institute, unique of its kind, caters to the fisheries technical needs of the user end groups of this State. The overall administrative control is vested with Dr B. Ahilan, Ph.D., Dean of this Institute. The Library is kept open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m on all working days and from 9 a.m to 3 p.m on Saturdays.


  • To develop collections of printed materials as well as electronic media on the subjects of fisheries, such as Fisheries biology, Aquaculture, Fisheries Environment, Fishing Technology, Fish Processing Technology, Fisheries Economics and Statistics and Fisheries Extension etc. and make these collections available to a wide range of visitors namely students, research scholars and staff.
  • To establish modern documentation service - Online database search
  • To establish liaison with national and international agencies and Libraries/Documentation Centres.
  • To facilitate Internet and e-mail services


PG Courses
S.NO Course No Title of the Course Credit Hours
1 PGS 501 Library Information Service 0 + 1
Ph.D Courses
S.NO Course No Title of the Course Credit Hours
1 PGS 601 Library Information Service 0 + 1

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Books/Reports/ Journals

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1888 62 234 26


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Name Designation E-mail Mobile
R.Ezhilrani Assistant Librarian rezhilran@gmail.com 8056365473


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Title year Author Co - Author Publisher
Abstracts of MFSC and Ph.D Theses 2014 Kumaresan . R Ezhilrani. R and Jayaraman. R. Ed. Dept. of Library, FC & RI, Thoothukudi
Meen valarppu Nutpangal: part I – Nanneer Meen Valarppu (in tamil) 1998 Felix. S J.Stephen Sampath Kumar and R. Ezhilrani FC & RI, Thoothukudi
Catalogue of Fisheries Research Theses. 1998 Ezhilrani, R M. Rajakumar and B. Sundaramoorthy FC & RI, Thoothukudi

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