"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"


TNJFU Referral Laboratory for Fish Quality Monitoring and Certification is functioning along with the Department of Fish Quality Assurance and Management in a separate building with a floor area of 6250 sqft. The laboratory houses the following units.

  • Microbiology Unit
  • Biochemistry Unit
  • Food Biotechnology Unit
  • Instrumentation Room I, II & III
  • Heavy Instrumentation Room
  • Cell Culture Unit
  • Training Hall
  • Small Conference Room
  • Staff Room, Office Room, Reception Area and Rest Rooms

The laboratory houses many sophisticated instruments to analyse all the major quality and safety parameters to assess aquatic food security. The most important one are

  • Biophotometer (Eppendorf)
  • Water Purification System (Sartorius)
  • UPLC system (Waters)
  • Capillary Gas Chromatograph (Perkin Elmer)
  • FT-IT (ThermoFisher)
  • Spectofluorometer (ELICO)
  • Universal Testing Machine (Lyold)
  • GC- MS (ThermoFisher), ICP-MS (ThermoFischer)
  • LC-MS/MS system (Waters UPLC + ABSciex Mass Analyzer)
  • Lyophilizer (Christ), Gas Analyser (Dansensor)
  • Microfuge (Eppendorf)
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge (Hettich, Eppendorf)
  • High Precision Balance (Sartorius)
  • Kelplus apparatus (Pelican)
  • Socplus apparatus (Pelican)
  • Fiberplus apparatus (Pelican)
  • Water activity meter (Aqualab), Real time PCR (ABI)
  • Gradient PCR (Eppendorf, ABI), Gel documentation (Alfalaval)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (Clear Air)
  • Vacuum packaging machine (Savena)
  • Flake Ice machine
  • Spray Drier
  • Gelatin Extraction Vessel
  • Overpressure retort and Horizontal sterilizer
  • Semi-automatic Column Chromatograph (GE Health Care)
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Jasco, ThermoFisher)