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Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park


The concept of “Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park “( ARTP) is the first of its kind implemented in the state and the country and has a complete facilities from ornamental fish brood stock development to export trading. Tamil Nadu being the water scarce state aquaculture can be effectively carried out in limited areas and with little water, only in such innovative systems such as raceways facilitated with RAS. Under one umbrella different and advanced technologies are inculcated to the farmers and entrepreneurs through on- farm demos. Mass production of ornamental fishes can be taken up using such systems in cost effective ways.


Hatchery System (Multi Species Ornamental Fish Hatchery)

This facility consists of 10 mini hatchery units and each unit has 20 FRP

  • 600 L : 09 Nos
  • 1000 L : 11 Nos
  • 10 glass tanks 50 L : 10 Nos

Nursery System (Heterotrophic Based Indoor Raceways System )

This facility houses 10 Raceway units. Each unit comprises of two tanks of 6 x 2 x 1.15 m (13 ton capacity) dimension with air lift pumps operated by blowers.

Grow-Out System (Heterotrophic Based Outdoor Raceways System )

This facility houses 8 Raceway units. Each unit comprises of four tanks of 12 x 2 x 1.15 m (27 ton capacity) dimension with air lift pumps operated by blowers.


Live Feed Culture Unit

The facility includes two live feed culture units and incorporates a number of small tanks to grow Rotifers, Cyclops, Moina species which is facilitated with water filtration and continuous aeration system. Area of the unit is 208 m2. Each unit has 6 algal culture tanks 10 zooplankton production tanks.

Reverse Osmosis Water Plant

ARTP has Reverse Osmosis water plant to supply water for hatchery and nursery system.

  • The packing unit is used for conditioning and packing of the cultured stock before the sales.
  • It consists of 5 ton capacity cement tanks (5 Nos.) facilitated with the water re-circulation system provided with Bio-Filter.
  • The bio-filter installed in the system used to filter and re-use of the water source, it minimizes the loss of water during the conditioning and packing practices.
  • The health care unit is necessary for the quarantine of new stock before introducing into culture system or to treat the diseased stock separately to avoid the contamination between the crops.
  • Health care facility established under the scheme consists of 96 Nos. of glass tanks with individual sponge filter and aeration facility. The glass tanks are the ideal system for the disease diagnosis and treatment for ornamental fishes.

Administrative Building and Laboratories for the research and for analysing farmer’s sample

Administrative block has a set of laboratories

The lab complex comprises the following facilities:

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Fish Microbiology
  • Fish Pathology
  • Fish Biotechnology

First floor has the administrative office and conference hall.

Operational System of ARTP

Hatchery, Nursery and Grow-out facilities handed over to incubatees (farmers) for venturing breeding, culture and Production on incubation basis. Entire system will be operated by SPV (special purpose vehicle) mode with Operation & Management Network on lease basis for maintenance of the overall infrastructures of ARTP facility.