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Technologies Developed at ARTP

Live Feed Culture

Continuous mass production of fresh water algae (Chlorella vulgaris), fresh water Rotifer (B. calyciflorus), Cladoceran (Moina micrura) and Copepode (Thermocyclops hyalinus) technology has been developed and under continuous operation.

Breeding and Larval Rearing of Ornamental Fishes

Induced breeding techniques have been developed for indigenous and exotic varieties of Spot fin swamp barb (Puntius sophore), Rohan’s barb (Dawkensia rohani), Filament barb (Dawkensia filamentosa), Gaint danio (Danio dangila), Denison barb (Sahyadria denisonii) African Jewel Fish (Hemichromis bimaculatus), Koi carp, Gold Fish, Rosy barb (Puntius conchonius), Zipper loach (Acanthocobitis botia) and Black Shark (Pangasius sutchi).

Extension Activities

Two training programmes have been conducted in ARTP under NADP sponsorship on ornamental fish culture.

Practical Utility of ARTP

  • The advanced culture techniques to be introduced by ARTP will improve the cash flow among the farmers and will be a first step towards in facilitating Government of India’s goal of doubling farmers’ income.
  • The farmers will gain exposure and knowledge on innovative ornamental fish breeding and rearing technologies like Re-circulatory Aquaculture System (RAS).
  • The project will help farmers to adopt advanced ornamental fish culture technology which is economically viable and sustainable.
  • Scope and arena of the existing ornamental fish market will improve. Increased production and increased area under ornamental fish farming is possible.